UI Suggestion: Double-Click to select a Song/State

I have come to like most of the UI design choices in CB3, but one that I find somewhat annoying is the need to click on a small circle when selecting a Song from a SetList, or a State within a Song. I would prefer the ability to double-click anywhere within the Song or State name (not just within the circle) to achieve the same effect. This is especially true when I am using Cantabile on a touch screen without a mouse. I’m not sure if others agree (or care), or if this is a major coding effort, but it would make my user experience a little less tedious.

I keep doing that, selecting the song, and it not changing because I haven’t clicked on the circle. However I’m guessing this is a deliberate choice, to allow you to have a selection (or multi-selection) and manipulate it (delete, reassign program numbers etc.) without affecting the currently selected song. The distinction also allows you to have a multi-selection for song organisation, but only have a single song active.

Actually I think you can click anywhere in the column the circle is in, left of the song names - you don’t need to actually click within a circle. How about being able to select a song by double-clicking the song name? That would still allow the separate (multi-)selection mechanism.

Actually, my suggestion WAS for double-clicking. I agree that there are valid reaons for not changing on a single-click. But I find myself double-clicking on many things and expecting something to happen (perhaps a throwback to the Windows 95 through Windows 7 era!).

Oh yes, now I re-read and see you mention double-clicking…it’s late here, I blame exhaustion :smile:

How annoying! Fixed in 3096 available now.

Wow! Either you’re a mind reader or have a very fast turnaround time! :smile:

Seriously, thanks!


Actually, I’d just started the build for 3096 and thought I’d drop in here to check out what was happening and noticed your two posts… so I stopped the build and knocked 'em off.