Uhe Podolski Crashes 3160

Latest Podolski crashes C3 3160 with “unspecified error” cases C3 to shut down. Next load of C3 does not recognize audio engine - says not running. Caveat: This seems only to be happening on Sonic-Core SCOPE PCI ASIO drivers (64bit Win7). Worked fine until 3160.

Cannot reproduce problem on Win 8.1 64 with MOTU ASIO, works fine there.

SCOPE Driver is NOT multi-client, could be a clue although latest Podolski worked fine with earlier stable builds on SCOPE PCI ASIO.

Admittedly difficult to track down considering availability of SCOPE PCI Platform.

Will Send email with log files…

Thanks Ron, I replied to your email with a couple of things to check before I contact U-He.

Hi Brad,

In 3167 Podolski 64 is now crashing not only on Scope ASIO but also on the MOTU and Echo PCI ASIO (was ok with 3160 on those two). The 32 bit Podolski is fine all around.

Hi @soundassets

I’m looking into this, but need to discuss it with U-he to figure out what’s going on. I’ll get back to you. (I don’t think this is a Cantabile issue, but could be wrong)


I’m pretty sure you are right because this only started to happen with the latest update to Podolski from March.

Keep up the great work. You constantly amaze me!