UAD Teletronix LA2A Tube Compressor Native Plug-in for FREE

Hi All, :slight_smile:

You have to register and download the UAD manager to get it but it is free till the end of the month.




This freebie is the same as their highly regarded Silver Face version with very slight changes in harmonic distortion and gain reduction knob calibration, and the timing constants the same as Silver, according to my testing. UAD staff stated in an interview that its the same algo as their Silver “tuned to sound great on everything out of the box”…all to say worth having imo. From what I’ve seen first hand and second hand, this and the Slate LA-2A are the best out there.

BTW, I mentioned this in another thread, I did their $50 bundle and everything in it is nice stuff with very high SQ that will get regular use including the synth…I figured one or two would be duds.