U-he discounts, which to buy after Diva?

Native Instruments is offering me 50% discount on U-he synths. I already have Diva and it is gorgeous.
Would you buy Zebra or Hive?
Repro is already on my purchasing list

Zebra without a shadow of a doubt if I had to pick one over the other (and it was my first U-HE purchase. Hive is also very good and probably lighter on CPU. The Repros are gorgeous as well.

So I should buy everything…

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If you have the budget. I have all of the U-HE synths. Bazille and ACE are ones I have not explored much yet (grabbed them when they were on a good offer a year or so back), but I use all of the others quite often

Really depends what you want:

Hive is a pretty CPU-efficient workhorse with a broad range of sounds. The presets tend towards more “modern” dance-y Synth-patches, but I’ve used Hive as my allround synth for the last years, and I’ve gotten most of the “classic” patches out of it as well. Especially after the addition of wavetables, I can simply load up classic synth oscillator wavetables and get closer to the classic sounds.

Zebra is more about sound design: you can configure all kinds of crazy routing between synth blocks and get a broad range of complex sounds up to the completely crazy and whacky.

So if you want a more “allround” type synth, get Hive, if you want to go crazy with sound design, get Zebra.

Just my 0.02 EUR…



I personally love Repro-1 (and 5) and that would be it. BUT, Hive is amazing and if your music calls for those kinds of textures it’s a clear choice. And really, like Torsten says Zebra is its own weird thing so if that’s what you need then, it is lol

Edit- yeah, really you should buy everything

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I love Zebra, but I probably end up using Hive the most after Diva. It’s very easy to use, the wavetable abilities really add lots of sonic possibilities, plus it has a great sequencer.

For pure exotic enjoyment, I’ve come to love Bazille though. These prices are pretty cheap, all joking aside, U-he rarely does sales so it will be worth it to get more than one.

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I shouldn’t have asked to synth geeks like you…
I bought Repro and Zebra. Now I must plan a new SSD, 1 terabyte is already 75% busy!

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Please check if your system has an m.2 slot. Over Christmas we replaced a SATA 1TB EVO 860 with an NVMe m.2 960 for an Asus gaming laptop. I didn’t want to give it back. The Windows 10 install took about 5 minutes.

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I believe it! Depending the SSD and the laptop, a NVMe/PCIe SSD is 3 to 6 times faster than a SATA unit.

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I bought that MSI gaming notebook because you can change Ram up to 64 gigs (now 16) and there are two NVMe slots. Wide expansion range. Currently one SSD is nearly full, as mentioned, so I have one slot free