TX16Wx and Kontakt 6.0

I’m new to this. I have the C3 Performer demo running. I downloaded Kontakt’s 6.0 Komplete and installed a few packages. When I insert the Kontakt plugin I can’t find any sounds to go with it. My Library manager shows empty.

Related, I’ve got some samples I’d like to use with C3 and I don’t understand how to access them. I’ve got TX16Wx free version which I’m trying to learn. Don’t know if that is the best tool or not. It is literally all new to me.

I have a Roland Fantom G8 at church which is what I’m trying to replicate to some degree with C3.

OK, Komplete feels complicated until you get used to VSTs, all the types of VSTs, Windows file structures, samples, etc.

First, finding stuff. Native Access is your frenemey. Fire up Native Access (the tool that installs Komplete) and click on the little silhouette in top right corner. Under there, you will find “Preferences”. Under Preferences, you will find the locations of Download, Application, Content, VST 64, and VST 32. These directories are where Komplete/Kontakt are sprayed all over your disk drive(s). Your Libraries are under the Content Location.

You have to tell Cantabile (C3) where your VSTs are, and you have to tell each program where it’s Content (Sample libraries, Resources, etc.) are located. With C3, look under Tools-> Options -> File Locations. With Kontakt, you have to use the Browser/Files/Database locations. When you start Kontakt and load a VST, it will look for its resources. If it can’t find them, it will popup a files box for you to find them. There are a number of ramifications to this. Until you save a Kontakt configuration (in one of C3’s Racks) you will have to do this every time (there are exceptions, but it is a pain).

Pro tip: Create a directory (hopefully on a secondary drive) called \VST64 and one called \Content. All of my VST’s are in F:\VST64 and all of their content is on F:\Content on all of my 3 machines (C3-Primary, C3-Backup, Studio). I don’t use VST32, they are mainly for if you’re hooked on a legacy VST that doesn’t support VST64 memory model. You may also need to create x:\Downloads as a spot not on C:\ drive for downloading Komplete install modules. Komplete can fill up a drive with install modules.

This should get you started.



Thank you, Richard! I’ll be doing as you said. I also have 3 machines I’m toying with in two different locations. Since I wrote this post I’ve been successful using some samples wit TX16Wx, even though I don’t know much about what I’m doing. That has given me good sound and lots of encouragement.

I have a Windows 7, 32-bit; and Windows 10 32-bit; and and Windows 10 64-bit machine at the outset here. I’m also loading my VSTs into directories on my homespun Owncloud server so that they are available in any location. I plan on doing my songs the same way but I’m not sure how compatible the settings and songs are between the 32 and 64 bit version so Cantabile just yet.

The “needs” I have are actually limited. I’m working on stuff for a contemporary church and I’m not a composer or artist so I don’t need loads of effects and secondary sounds. Keyboards, pads, guitars, strings, organs…things like that. I did some sampling off the Roland Fantom G8 tonight and that is my next project. Thank you for your help! I really appreciate it.

The 32 bit and 64 bit VSTs are not Compatible. Best to pick one or the other. The 32 bit Windows version is not compatible with 64 bit VSTs, but with 64 bit Windows, there is a wrapper called JBridge. It is built into Cantabile, but you need a license. It’s just a few dollars.

I’ve run worship bands and played, arranged, organized, taught, etc. for quite a few churches over the years.

Watch the walk thrus Brad has under Support. Keep your rig simple. If you find yourself in the middle of some super-complicated hot mess design, you are probably doing it wrong. Cantabile has lots of features. It’s easy to get distracted. Just stay mainstream with what you are doing.

TBH, with your requirements, I’d advise against using sample libraries in Kontakt or fiddling with sampling your original keyboard - working with sample libraries is always a bit more complicated in Cantabile.

I’d suggest you simply get a couple of workhorse VST instruments (e.g. Korg M1, Air Xpand!2) with a broad range of bread & butter sounds and see how far they carry you. If you want, you can add some specific specialists where you’re not satisfied with the workhorse sounds, e.g. VB3-II or Blue3 for Hammond, Addictive Keys, Pianoteq or some specialist library for grand piano, Velvet for Wurly/Rhodes. Then take it from there.

Tx16Wx is a nice sampler, but a bit complicated to get right, expecially when working with multiple Cantabile PCs/laptops. Working live with VST samplers is a bit of an advanced topic, not as straightforward as fully integrated instruments, so I only do it very sparingly when I absolutely need to. Too much that can go wrong with sample locations and memory management…

For an alternative sampler, take a look at Grace - for just firing off the odd sound clip or simple sample sets, it’s definitely good enough and not as confusing as Tx16Wx can be sometimes…




Much of the Hillsong/Bethel etc Worship is pretty much "They’re playing a Nord, but using it to trigger Mainstage which is hosting Omnisphere and Keyscape.

It’s funny when you hear people rant about how amazing “Hillsong’s Nord Piano” sounds on whatever song when there’s video of their main keyboard player telling about how it’s a sample of a Yamaha G3 or G7 from Keyscape . .

I find that the inexpensive Korg M1 plug-in is usually Good Enough for pretty much anything I might want in a Worship setting. Certainly in a live mix with guitars “up to 11” and drummers who never heard the word “subtle…”

Yeah, live and recording are two different things.

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Thanks guys. Yes. Watching videos of how Hillsong does it with Mainstage got me interested in a PC version (I hate Mac stuff). Hence, I’m here with Cantabile. Reproducing a reasonable facsimile of HIllsong is the basic goal. Also, I have a Yamaha EX5 (1998) at home that I practice with. I would like it to use the same sounds as my Fantom G8 at church so that I could make adjustments during the week.

I appreciate the recommendation of Grace. I’m playing with it as well for the samples that I do need. I’m doing pretty well with TX16Wx (I don’t really think that I need the advanced features since I’m not creating new sounds). Should I just take the plunge and do this sampling stuff through Kontakt?

We use Mainstage at Church. Cantabile is MUCH more versitile and easier to configure.

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