Two questions about songs \ states

I have two questions about songs \ states that I am sure there is an answer for somewhere in the forum. I just have not found it yet.

First: I have a song where I need to change the key range when I change state. For Example:

State 1:
Rack 1 has a Key Range of A0 to A2
Rack 2 has a Key Range of A#2 to G6

State 2:
Rack 1 has a Key Range of A0 to A1
Rack 2 has a Key Range of A#1 to G6

It appears as if the only way to do this is to create two sets of input ports, and flip between them via the state. I’m ok with this…. I just wanted to know if there is an easier method.

Second: Where do you set up a trigger for the beginning of a song or state? I was looking at this post:

But I do not see where Torsten set it up.



Hi @RickRepsher,

If you want to do this, create state 1. Set the MIDI routes to your two racks.

Create state 2, then change the key ranges in your two routes. Done.

The only thing you need to make sure of is that when you click on the MIDI routes that in the bottom left ‘State Behaviour’ window, that Key Range is checked (ie available to be changed by state changes)

As far as setting up a trigger for the beginning of the song, I’m not sure entirely was you mean. You want to have a button on your keyboard or a keystroke get you back to the first state of a song?



Hmm… that didn’t seem to work. I must have missed something, but the Key Range was checked in the State Behavior area.

As far as the other item, I’m looking to send a MIDI Control message either when I open the song, or when a state changes. It would be to set the mod wheel to a particular value, or to make sure the pitch bend was "centered’. Something along that line.



Hey Rick,

On question 2

Use Song “On Load” as the source of the binding when you want the event to occur when the song first loads. Use the Song States “On Load” when you want the event to happen when that state is loaded. Both types also have delays if needed

When inside a Rack it has these type of sources for bindings that let you have an event happen when the rack is first loaded or when the rack does a state change similar to the way the Song types worked

@toaster is right on on the key ranges. One thing to make sure of is that when you make the changes in each state make sure the states aren’t locked! And cycle back and forth between them a few times to make sure it all took. At least that is what I do to exercise the state changes before locking them down.



Thanks to both of you.

The mistake I made with states, is that I was doing the range through a MIDI Filter instead of just making the change at the Input Route settings.

You learn something every day!


Yeah, with the state changes it matters which order you created the states and make the changes to the routes. I sometimes can’t work out what that order is but like @dave_dore says, cycling through the states to make sure they’re doing what you want is advisable…