Turning to something completely different

Maybe the piano G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time).

Since it’s a little quiet around here, here’s something different.

I don’t know if everybody knows who Rick Beato is (he’s not the GOAT), but he did a feature on on Argentinian pianist extraordinaire Martha Argerich on her upcoming 80th birthday. Chopan, Liszt, etc… the most challenging of the serious classical literature imaginable; she plays from memory in front of the best orchestras regularly today. With a career that spans over 70 years, her technique is amazing. She’s all over YouTube, but Rick presents a great introduction for those who don’t know of her. Even if you play rock, Bach, or schlock, if you have ever played (or played at) a piano, you have to see this.

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I’ve watched her many times, and she is AMAZING !!

Unfortunately, I had a lively discussion about Rick on another forum…it became quite nasty, so I won’t repeat it here. :roll_eyes: