Trying to work out wiring view


I’ve been using Cantabile now for a couple of years and I’m really happy with the way I’m working in Table view, all makes sense as to how everything fits together. So, I thought I’d have a look at using the wiring view to see if that makes things any different, or improves workflow etc.

However, I’m a little confused (it doesn’t take much)

I’ve got a Kontakt plug-in instance, with multiple outputs, which in table view, look like this:


but when I go to the wiring view, the Kontakt plugin has on a stereo out that I can drag a ‘cable’ from and I can’t work out how to select the different outputs…

What am I doing wrong/ where do I find the outputs? As you can see, even though I’ve got them connected in table view, there’s no cables in wiring view…

Cheers as always.


Hey Pierce,

What build are you running? I’ve not seen this situation before …


Hi Dave,

I’m on 3586…



Oh, and I’m the king of unique cases, I’ve had several that Brad’s never seen before…



Get at least 3590. I’ve been playing on 3594 for a while and it’s been really stable.

  • Paul

Hi @Toaster

Something looks weirdly wrong there. Can you send me a copy of the song or rack and I’ll take a closer look. I can’t think of any reason why the output ports would be different in one view vs the other (eg: “Stereo Out 1” vs just “Stereo Out”).


Hi Brad,

I didn’t have a song setup as such, it was just an instance of Kontakt that I was experimenting with…
Anyhow, here’s the song (I used Kontakt Player here)

Pkontakt wiring.cantabileSong (10.5 KB)

Hi @Toaster,

That song file seems to work fine here. I’m not sure I’m really understanding what the problem is. When you say…

the Kontakt plugin has on a stereo out that I can drag a ‘cable’ from and I can’t work out how to select the different outputs

…what exactly is going wrong. You say you can drag from the output port but then I’m not clear what’s going wrong from there. You should be able to drop it to an output port on the right hand side. Are you not seeing the output ports to the right (I can’t tell because your screen shot is cropped).


In wiring view in that particular setup that I put up, the output 2 of kontakt that I can select in the table view and route to an output, I can’t see it in wiring view. So even if I set up the route in table view, it doesn’t show in the wiring view…

Weirdly, I was working with some other songs that I set up a while ago, and I have an instance of kontakt in a rack and in wiring view, that one does show all the kontakt outputs…



Hi @Toaster

Can you post a full screen shot showing the problem, including the entire routing view. Also, is this in a rack or at song level?


Hi Brad,

Sorry for the late reply.

Anyhow, here’s the full screenshot of the table view.

As you can see, I’ve set up two outs from Kontakt (this is the player, not the full Kontakt, if that makes any difference…)

Here is the wiring view with the stereo out selected at the bottom of the screen.

And here’s the same screen with Out 2 selected at the bottom of the screen

As you can see, the blue ‘patch’ cable has gone and the output of the plugin is still showing Stereo out.

I’m assuming of course that I’ve set the outputs correctly, like this:


I’m sure it’s probably something that I’m doing wrong but that’s how it is right now…


Hi Pierce,

OK, this is a bug - it seems the wiring view isn’t getting updated after editing the ports of a plugin (which is weird cause I definitely remember testing that). I’ll have a look at it tomorrow.

In the meantime, after editing the ports of any plugins, save the song (or rack) file and then just do a File -> Revert (or close and reopen the song) and it seems to come back correctly.

Let me know if that helps.


Thanks @brad!

I’ll try it out when I’ve got a second.

Cheers as always for the great support.