Trying to set up Hauptwerk to use Reverbate LE

Been trying to set up Cantabile with Hauptwerk for Reverbate reverb. I have the Hauptwerk vst plugged in and getting sound played through Cantabile. Also have the Reverbate LE plugin inserted and sound routed to the main speakers but there is no indication of activity for the Reverbate plugin on the meter. Tried various things in the plugin parameter box with no success.

Did you route Hauptwerk vst output to Reverberate input?

Hi Frank,

There are 2 main ways to do this :

  • to route the output of the Hauptwerk vst to the input of the reverberate vst in series something like this example with vb3 subbing for hauptwerk and GrevDly subbing for reverberate like Corky suggested


first click on the output for the organ and change it to the input for the reverb

  • The second way is to create a parallel connection like a bus to the reverb like this

first click add route on the organ

select stereo out

route to the reverb

you can blend the amount sent to the reverb using the reverb output slider on the organ slot you just made

Hope this gets you there


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Yeah…like Dave said :grinning:

Great explanation and visuals Dave !