Trying to send two audio sources to my headphones

Hello, I’m trying (and failing) to do something I imagine is quite simple, maybe cantabile isn’t even needed and only Voicemeeter is required but let me describe what I’m trying to do.

I want to listen to a youtube video while playing a game. Now you’re probably thinking just play them at the same time and yes that will get me both audios playing at the same time and I will resort to that if need be.

The video I want to listen to is voice only, I’d like to adjust the EQ to make it sound like it’s coming from a radio so there are less frequencies interfering with the game sound.

I have managed to get the video EQ’d in Voicemeeter and routed to my headphones. I did this by sending the audio from Opera (with the youtube vid playing) to the Voicemeeter Input. This I then sent to A1 which was routed to my headphones and Eq’d it. It works fine.

I thought sending the game audio to headphones was going to be easier but it seems I don’t know how to do it, maybe something is not working too, I don’t know, but using the windows 10 audio routing options I sent the audio from the game to the voicemeeter aux input, which I then sent to A2 and routed that to my headphones.

I don’t hear any sound from the game, nor do I see any input signals being received from the game.

I know this is a cantabile forum and this issue may not even need cantabile, I did try to post this on the voicemeeter forum but I can’t get registered there.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Definitely seems like more of a VoiceMeeter issue to me and I don’t have any suggestions off hand.

What about using a capture utility to capture the Youtube audio, download it and eq it locally, then play it back through whatever??

(I realize this could create copyright issues but as long as you don’t go re-uploading it other places it seems you’d be ok…)

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The people who make Voicemeeter make an audio driver called VB-Cable - I use that to route sound that would have gone to speakers back into a Windows recording source

It looks like there is a plugin for Chrome that allows you to EQ any sound played through HTML5, including youtube. With that you wouldn’t need any complex audio routing setup at all.

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