Trying to Save Patches and Combis on M1 VST

Running an M1 VST.

I’d love to edit a combi but there doesn’t seem to be any way to rename it.

Typing in the name box works as expected, but the instant I move focus away from that box the name reverts.

What am I missing here? I already know the “Must save the patches I care about on a User Card” annoyance.



Okay after a couple hours of swearing, I determined that any parameter change must be followed by an Enter key.

This includes the name.

Another thing I learned is that I can have Either a Combi bank OR a Program bank active at any one time.

I’m still working out whether it would be better to have two separate M1 instances in my M1 Pad rack or not.

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I get around the M1 bank issue by choosing “Entire Bank” and “Selected Program” in State Behavior for the plugin. Then, I simply save the configuration with the rack state. Easy to have programs and combis (from different M1 banks!) in the same rack like that.



Forgot about those! Wish I had your memory

Next challenge seems to be figuring out how to get all eight output pairs going. It’s Much easier to control relative levels via Cantabile faders than fussing with the virtual panel, but everything seems to be mapped to the 1, 2 pair, regardless of the output routing.

I’ve come up dry on that one.

Anyway to get the M1 to have more than a single stereo output?

I seem to remember on the Physical ones that was something of a challenge. Do you have the Original M1 manual? You might check there.

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I discovered that on the plug-in context menu there’s an option to map All the outputs. That gave me my eight outputs.

It’s much easier to control my layer outputs via Cantabile than it is on the synth panel, though it’s a bit more trouble to set up.

Keep moving forward and all that.

One mystery is that Multis don’t save the way I expect. On the other hand there doesn’t seem to be any problem I have that Multis solve that Combis don’t also solve.