Trying to Assign CC1 to CC11 from Kurzweill SP-88-X to VB3


I’ve tried the MIDI Port mappings. Created bindings. Basically I want to translate the SP-88 Modulation to Expression. The SP-88 only has CC1 Modulation. This is not a show stopper but I like the challenge and so far no joy! I tried sticking MidiMate in between the SP-88 and VB3 in Cantabile with Port Mappings and routing also, but no profit there either. I am using the venerable Edirol UM-880 between the SP-88 and the computer via USB.


VB3 uses CC 1 for rotary speed, is that going to cause problems? If not then you would need to do a few steps to pull this off. First go to the control dialog box for the MIDI input that goes to the VB3 (usually called Main Keyboard) and check the Notes Only box.

Then make a binding like this to turn your CC1 from SP-88 into CC 11 and send it to VB3 II.



Thanks Dave. Worked like a charm! I am latching the sustain pedal for rotary speed in VB3 II (CC64) and now also CC1 (Modulation) bound to CC11 (Expression) for the Swell Pedal, :smirk: :wink: :grinning: :sunglasses: