Trying to ALIAS an alternate audio out - not working?

I am trying to run an ALIAS to a different audio out (same device, just a different set of USB outs) however no matter what order I have them in in the EDIT box (under Audio Ports - Options) I cannot get any of the song outputs (either VST or media player) to get sent out the alternate output. I can by manually changing all the outs in racks and VST’s and media players on a song by song basis, but I thought ALIASING was supposed to avoid having to do this?

Both outputs are listed in the Audio Ports box, and both work (if set in indvidual songs) . I really want to have to avoid going back and re-routing every song hahaha!

No, I think aliasing is so you can reuse the same settings but apply them to two different names, that’s all. It does not reroute, exactly.

It is so you can have an old setup that had cryptic names that didn’t actually say what the connection was in your old racks (C1, C2, C3, etc.), and instead make a setup with well-defined names (Mic 1 In, Mic 2 In, Main Keyboard Audio In), but the alias (using the old cryptic names) makes it so you do not have to re-do all your old racks.

Mic 1 In
Alias: C1

Mic 2 In
Alias: C2

Main Keyboard Audio In
Alias: C3

Let me know, of course, if I completely misunderstood what you were saying!