Trouble with surround sound

Hello! I just purchased Cantabile Pro and am learning my way around it. I would like to take a multichannel input, route it into a mutlichannel plugin, and output it multichannel as well. So far I’ve hit a roadblock where the plugin isn’t reporting all of it’s channels to Cantabile, and I only see Stereo Out as an option in Cantabile routing.

The plugin is Fabfilter’s Pro-Q3, and following the directions above, I’m unable to assign the correct channels to the new Channel Ports I’ve created for the plugin - it only gives me the option to use channel one and two.

I know that Fabfilter supports mutlichannel instances of their plugins, so perhaps I’m doing something wrong with my set up? I did set up the initial routing in Cantabile to have a mutichannel main output. Any help would be appreciated!

It looks like FabFilter plugins have a way of detecting what kind of channel they are being inserted on, and configuring themselves accordingly on loading. And apparently, Cantabile doesn’t have a way of telling them to load in surround mode, so they seem to default to stereo mode. Since they’re locked into their state after loading, there is no way to activate additional inputs.

For these kinds of plugins, @brad would have to create an option to tell them what kind of “channel” they load into, in order to force them to load in a specific configuration. I don’t believe this option currently exists.