Trouble with new version

After a half year without activity i wanted to restart. So I had to renew my subscription, i choosed solo, downloaded and installed the last stable version. Now i have a problem: I can play my songs, the indicators or blinking green, but no sound! If I play a plugin by using the editor with the on screen keyboard, it works perfect.
I use the M audio oxygen 61(driver is updated) and the Tascam US 122 audio interface, but this works. Jbridge is installed.

I’ve had some odd m-audio behavior like this with my Axiom. I would try going into Tools > Preferences > Midi Ports and look at the settings for the Oxygen - maybe create a new Input Port

Well thanks, I solved the problem, but is a random experience: on my PC at Home (second Installation of cantabile): I changed the Midi Keyboard to my xboard 61 (the alias ‚Main Keyboard‘ Not) and Upps, the Sounds are played. So I changed the ‚Main Keyboard‘ back to Oxygen 61 and everything is fine.
Now I connected the Oxygen 61 to my Laptop :technologist: and without any action in preferences everything is Fine. I don’t know what happend so I‘m Not shure, what I have to do, if the problem appears again during a Gig. Is there a reset Function inside the Oxygen ?

Try turning off the unit - then press and hold the midi button while turning it back on.