Trouble installing Blue Cat audio freepack


Well, it’s installed, but Cantabile doesn’t show the .dll files when I have rescan my VST folder. If I browse for one of the files, I find it but when I try to load it I get this error message. Happens whether I try loading the VST or VST3 version. The plugins are loading just fine in my DAW (Mixcraft 9).



You are probably firing up the 32bit version of Cantabile and then trying to load a 64bit plug-in.


Nope, I’m running the 64-bit version of Cantabile.


Yea, that looks like a 64/32 bit problem. Do you have the 32 bit Blue Cat VSTs installed? Maybe uninstall them, or remove the directory from Cantabile’s search path.


Wrong thread?


I think I see the problem. I didn’t look far enough down the list of download links. Chose Win VST and should have chosen Winx64 VST