Trivia: What sound is this?

I’m pretty sure that Diana has it wrong when she sings about her Old Piano it should be my Old Hammond…
What do you think guys?
The only piano I hear is when the solo comes in the end and then the guitarist fucks it up again :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

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Here with Guitar solo messing it up :wink:

Hmmmm, there are some piano chords mixed very low in the chorus part of the song, but the main keyboard sounds indeed feel like the percussion section of some Hammond organ, plus a lot of clavinet in the verse.

But I couldn’t stop smiling when watching the video - the things they got away with in the 80s… :smile:

Yes to me also it sound like the percussion of a Hammond :slight_smile: Listen to the leslie sound later on :wink:

Haha 80’s without shame :smiley:
I’m pretty sure that the hi percussion ‘ping’ in the chorus is also a Hammond percussion? :slight_smile:

Yup - I’d guess it’s a percussion sound through a lot of reverb.

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Oh my God, it’s like asking for the time and getting a lecture on how to build a clock. I guess when you’re under contract you do what the man sez.