Triggers missing in Performer x64 Trial

The only tabs I get using my Performer trial (Version 3.0 Build 3221 x64) are Show Notes, Routing and Binding? Where can I set up triggers for my song to send the appropriate program change to my external MIDI out?

Triggers, as found in Cantabile 2, are now combined with Bindings. This is great because it means you can do everything you previously could with C2 Bindings and Triggers, but also mix them together, and do crazy stuff - for example a binding from MIDI controller values from an expression pedal to notes on a piano…or even to program changes.

If you want to set up external MIDI gear for example, you’d set up a binding with the source as “Song” set to “On Load”, and the target would be your external MIDI port, with action as “Program Change” or “Program Change Banked”, and the appropriate program/bank values.

You may have been confused to see a Triggers tab in the Bindings guide - this dates back to earlier builds of Cantabile 3 that still had separate Bindings/Triggers tabs, before @brad merged them, and the documentation hasn’t been updated yet.

Hope that helps!


Thanks Neil. When selecting Program Change Banked, is the value field is entered using a period in between? My Motif rack uses the standard Bank Select MSB (Control 0) and Bank Select LSB (Control 32). The MIDI implementation to select patch number 23 in the Preset 1 bank is (MSB=63, LSB=0, PC=22). How is this entered? Do I just enter “63.0.22” for the value? In Options | General | Formatting | Program Numbers…if it’s set to One Based, do I have to compensate and enter “63.0.23”? Where in the program does the one-based option have an impact?

See this thread for a discussion on banked program changes.

I think this info is still current, though it is a pretty old thread.


You can enter in either of these formats:

or BankAndPGCombined

and Cantabile will parse it and divide it out.

The settings in options control how it’s reformatted for display and the one/zero based applies to parsing and formatting.

eg: if you’ve got one based selected and you really want to send 0 on the wire, then enter 1.

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