Triggering media player as sampler

Hi all

Almost certainly user error here but please can anyone help:

I’ve assigned the 8 drum pads on my Novation 61SL mk2 to trigger one-shot samples using Cantabile’s inbuilt media player. They are bound to trigger “play from start”.

Is there a way to implement re-triggering? Currently I have to wait until the end of the sample before being able to restart.

I guess there may also be a setting to tweak in my 'board - which although excellent to play is quite a difficult one to get programmed to my liking!

Thanks in anticipation :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d recommend using a sampler plugin instead of triggering media player playback.

Have a look at what “One Small Clue” have to offer - great free sampler plugins that you can use to fire off your one shots with far more control and precision than by starting media player playback. I’d recommend “Poise” for one-shot sound effects and “Grace” for more complex instrument-type sounds.



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Many thank - will give Poise a go