Trigger VLC playlist command

Hi guys,
I’m still looking for a solution to play video in the background.
Anybody an idea how to write a script to trigger a VLC playlist?

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Hi Sven,

Long time, I hope all is well! I did a post for OBS Studio explaining how to control it’s features from Cantabile. It might be an alternative way to get there for your background videos.



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Hey Dave
Yeah COVID took me a bit out of business but here i am back :blush:
I’ll look up the post of the obs.
Would be nice if i could do it in VLC


I successfully trigger VLC with Bome software. It offers midi connection between Windows programs and C3 recognizes it (C3 is windows only, as far as I know).

Email Bome with that scenario and they can tell you how to program it. The software you want is MIDI Translator.

Here is the file to load that triggers play/pause in VLC with a MIDI note message. You can edit it to fit your scenario. Just click the link and download the vlc play/pause file. Help yourself to anything else in the folder, as well. I can’t upload the file directly here. Of course, you need to load the file into MIDI Translator, I have the midi I/O already set, all you need to do is add the MIDI connection in C3 and you hopefully have a projector and screen attached to your system to run the video during performance.


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Thx, sounds interesting, let’s examine

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know i successfully trigger VLC now with this command

Thx for the help