Trigger SFX using midi

I have to control the sound effects while playing keys for our musical. Is it possible to do this in Cantabile Lite. I would need to use a wav or MP3 file and not a vst. Sounds such as wind, thunder, knocking, bird chirps etc.

I figured that would zone my keyboard in order to do this and assign a different midi channel…


To do this in Cantabile Lite you’ll need a plugin that can play the mp3 file and trigger it from some MIDI event. I’m sure there’s something like this available, but no suggestions off hand. Perhaps someone else can suggest something.

Besides that, Cantabile Solo and Performer can both do this. See the Media Players video.


Easiest way to trigger sound effects as wave files would be to use a sampler plugin and map your wave files to keys (or pads if your keyboard has them).

As for sampler plugins: good free ones are TX16Wx or Grace.



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I got TX16Wx, but cannot figure out how to route the output of another cantabile object (vst instrument, arturia modular in my case) into the sampling input of the TX16Wx. Any help appreciated.

Should be pretty straightforward: create a route from the stereo output of the instrument you want to sample to the TX16Wx input like this:


Any instance of TX 16Wx should appear in the list of targets once loaded into the project.


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