Trigger pad for two plugins. How to do it?

Good afternoon, everyone, help solve the problem.
To perform a song, I need a keyboard completely for two sounds. Very wide passages. Split is not possible. These are two different leads. Now I switch them with two pads: the first to [turn off / turn on] the first sound, the second to [turn on / turn off] the second. The pads are bind to the bypass function. It’s inconvenient and you can make a mistake.
How to set it up for one pad so that it works as a trigger for two sounds: [1-on 2-off] -> tap on the pad -> [1-off 2-on] and back?

Hi @Slovopisec,

There is more than one way to achieve your desired result. I will just mention the one closest to what you are already doing.
I am assuming that you are using two different plugins for the two sounds and that you have bindings available in your version of cantabile.
You need two bindings from the same pad to the bypass functions of the two vst’s (1 and 2). Set the “Mapping” (called “Value” in Cantabile versions before 4100, if I remember well) to “Toggle” instead of “Turn off” or “Turn on”. Now set just one plugin to bypass. Now, every time you press the pad, the bypassed plugin will toggle to “Active” and the active plugin will toggle to “Bypass”.

Hope this helps,

P.S. As a matter of taste, instead of using bypass, I would rather toggle the status of the routes going to the two plugins. First you have to assign names to the routes (by pressing F2, after selecting the route “solo” button). In this way you can use the named routes as target object in your bindings. Then use “Enable” as binding “point” and set mapping to “Toggle”. You have to set one route to “Disable” and the other to “Enable” for this to work. Then, each time you press the pad, the routes will toggle their status.

Edit: actually, it’s not just a matter of taste…the two solutions have different behaviour when it comes to sustained notes. If you use the “bypass” option, if you press the pad and at the same time keep a note sustained, the note will continue using the sound from the new plugin. If you use the “routes” way, the sustained note will be played by the old plugin until you release it (then, if you press the same key again, after having released it, it will be played by the new one).

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Thanks @cdv_gabriel!
Yes, I use two plugins in one song and use bindings. I knew that the solution was somewhere nearby. At the next rehearsal I will try the method.
Thanks again!