Trigger Midi controller to play audio files from Media Player?

I bought a Midi Commander foot switch. It has 8 Banks with pedal switches 1 to 4.

I did a Midi Monitor and each button press does 127 and 0 (on off) and each has a Data value (ie 1A will send a data value of 0, A2 will send a data value of 1 and so on up to 8D with a data value of 31)

I have a number of audio samples (mp3s or wavs) that I want to play when I click one of these buttons.

Example (and I can see this displayed on the pedal)

A1 when clicked (either 127 or 0) will play “choir-men.mp3”
A2 when clicked (either 127 or 0) will play “thunder-clap.wav”

and so on. What would be the best way. I watched all videos but I didn’t see anything about triggering selected audio files in Media Player.

Just add a binding from the appropriate MIDI controller number to the Media Player’s Play control.

I ended up creating a new Media Player for each audio file as I can’t bind just the audio file within a Media Player.

Put the media player in a rack and use Rack States to select media file?

I also have a number of Media Players - and I bind notes/controllers to each one separately.

Yes. it actually works real nice. :slight_smile: