Trigger Loops in Solo mode?

G’day Cantabileans,
So now that I have a solid running Cantable Performer NUC gig rig (with identical backup), I think it’s time to get rid of my hardware loopers and do it all in Canatable!!

These hardware loopers are only used to playback drum patterns and fills since we don’t have a live drummer. So far I’ve managed to load all my loops and worked out how to get them to trigger and loop within Cantablie via midi from my Arturia Keylab 88 pads :ok_hand:

Currently with my Boss RC505 hardware looper, I can configure the pads to work in solo mode, so for example; when I hit a pad to play the bridge drum pattern of a song, it stops playing the verse drum pattern automatically, and the same goes for when I hit the pad to play the song ending fill, which stops the verse pattern.

Is there a way to configure this sort of Solo mode function in C3 so that I’m not having to stop and start two different drum loops at the same time while juggling bass and piano parts? :crazy_face:

In the example below I have a song with three drum patterns; a verse which is looped and a pre-chorus and ending that are one-shots.

Many thanks :raised_hands:

Can’t you just make extra bindings, so when you hit a pad, then it stops all the other loops and start the one that is supposed to run?

Thanks Torsten but I’m still pretty green with C3 so I was hoping someone on here already does this in their setup and could offer some guidance.

It is not that complicated, I think that you can manage. Now you have a button to start/stop the pre-chorus, on CC 86. It toggles the play/stop status. If you now add a new binding with the same source settings as the other CC86 binding, but with the target being Media Player 1, Action being Play/Stop, and the Value being Stop, then the CC86 will both start the pre-chorus drum pattern, and at the same time stop the verse.

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Ooh la la!! Thank you @TorstenH yes that did it!!!

It was so obvious that I couldn’t see it hahaha. Cantabile is such powerful software!!
My weekend project will now be to draw up flow charts and truth tables for each song to work out what bindings I need to implement; takes me back to when I was studying digital electronics 30 years ago :slight_smile:

Finally I can get rid of the hardware looper :clap: :man_dancing: :dancer:

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