Transpose on instruments - just note on - not note off?

I am using an octave transpose on a racks’ input, but I experience an octave glide on key release (note off), it seems as though Cantabile only transposes the Note on, not the note off (which then triggers the note off portamento sliding down an octave). The instrument i am transposing in the rack is Spectrasonics Trilian Bass synth.
Is this a feature and not a bug?
I guess I could remove the portamento from the trilian patch, but does anyone else have issues with this?

Are you sure you don’t accidentally have an un-transposed route going into the rack, as well as the transposed one?

Also worth checking the MIDI monitor inside the rack at Rack MIDI In, to see if you’re getting duplicate notes, some transposed, some not.


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Hi Neal
Thanx for the quick reply, Im in the progress of building my setup and cannot be sure (anymore - because I changed the setup) exactly what happened - but now the transpose works perfectly (after fiddling around with sort order and states and stuff).
So maybe you were right that both the transposed and untransposed was sent to the rack (though the transpose was on the rack),
It could also be my midi plugins playing havoc with me (im using both Cales and Chordz), so maybe it was a chord unintentionally being sent to the monophonic bass patch.
But Cantabile performs correctly now :slight_smile: