Transpose (octave) between songs not remembered even after song save

When I load a song my controller is not in the proper octave. I have to manually set the transpose to the proper octave. This happens with racks as well as single instruments. Anybody know of a fix?

Hi Paul,

If you have the midi implementation chart for your keyboard there should be a system exclusive message to set the coarse tuning which can be sent as a binding. That’s one place to start.

Otherwise just transpose Cantabile Master transpose at each Song startup by adding a binding to each song like below

or just manually transpose the master tuning for the song and then re-save the song.


Thanks dave_dore, I’ll try your suggestion.

But it’s not really a transpose thing per se. My controller plays the right notes in the right key but the octave is either too high or too low.

Thanks again.


Hi @Paul_Deveau

Not sure I’m following exactly what’s happening here. Is it the keyboard sending the wrong notes, or are the plugins in your song/racks not playing the correct notes.

Also how are you applying the transpose - in Cantabile, or on your keyboard?


So far I have three plugins that play an octave low in all hosts. - so it might be the plug-in?

I set a transpose filter when ever I use them.
Id be amazed if it’s cantabile, I’d be using the monitor (and one of my own) to prove it’s not either the controller otr instruments.


Perhaps I used the word “transpose” in vain. I really mean octave. Even with a saved rack, after changing to a new song my controller may not be in the proper octave as what was saved. I must hit the transpose switch to either bring it up or down an octave.


Paul Deveau

Hi Paul,

By “Transpose Switch” - do you mean the transpose settings on your keyboard/controller? If that’s the case what you probably need to do is use the transpose settings in Cantabile and then save your rack/song. If you’re constantly switching the transpose on your keyboard that would explain why it’s not getting saved - Cantabile doesn’t save settings of your keyboard.