Transpose issue

Hi, after searching the forum and trello I’m still confused about how to use transpose.
Is it correct that a muted song state midi routing does not respond to a song transpose command or global transpose command?

In my setup I use songs that have states that behave to remember transpose, do not ignore global transpose and toggle mute per state to select sounds.
My racks have states that remember sounds but do not behave to remember transpose or react on global transpose.
I do use the rack midi in (so there are no double routes)

So when I song transpose on the fly, only the unmuted song state is transposed. So far so good.
But when I change song state, the now unmuted midi routing is out of key.
Using global transpose has the same effect.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi Peter,

Check the states behavior for routes and uncheck the transpose box. (when you select an input route the behaviors panel will point to it)


Hi Dave, thanks. Already tried this. The muted song state midi route that becomes unmuted still is out of key. By the way, I use build 3236.

Hi Dave, Thanks! I finally see what you mean. There is a difference between States Behavior of Input Ports and States behavior of MIDI routes. States Behavior of Input Ports unchecked and States behavior of MIDI routes checked is what I looked for.