Transpose indicator on song state


When I set the transpose on a given song state it brings up a pop up window that allows changing of transpose. There 2 things I notice I want to ask about:

1 - When I set a new transpose it doesn’t show up in the indicator slot, even when I switch states within that song after the x-pose edit (I closed the x-pose dialog box). Only after a song change and return to same song does the indication of transpose show in the slot.

2 - the dialog box for changing the transpose stays open (if I don’t close it) even when I change songs after a transpose edit.

Are these normal behaviors for this indicator and dialog box?


Hi Dave,

  1. sounds like a bug - I’ll check it out
  2. that window was designed to stay open, but switching songs is probably a case where it should automatically close.


Trello card to keep track of this:

Fixed in 3098 - available now. Also, switching songs closes the transpose window and I’ve added a close button so you can just hit return to close it.