Transpose entire Set List?

Our guitar player asked if I can tune all songs down by a semitone. Is it possible to configure this transpose for a particular setlist?
I tried the global transpose setting, but it resets to 0 each time I switch songs.

Thank you - David

You could try a binding in the background rack that does a semitone global transpose on each song as it loads. i.e

I didn’t know if you wanted up or down so I showed both.



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Another great solution from @dave_dore !!!
I did use Transpose with a value of -1 instead of Transpose Down. Not sure of the difference?

However, there is an interesting artifact. When I disable the binding, the songs do not revert to the ‘un-transposed’ state. They remain at a transpose of -1. I need to change the song load to a transpose of 0. Also if I save any song, then it also saves the transpose with the song. So it seems it’s not a simple switch I can turn on with a particular band. I need to be very careful when saving songs. Any other suggestions?
Cheers - David

Hi David,

You could try a second binding to bring it back into proper tune on the Song unload like this.

If you put the 2 bindings in a group you can disable them at the same time when not using it.

Another way might be to put a MIDI filter in the Main Keyboard input in the Options>MIDI Ports like this

This way would be less likely to cause overwrite problems when saving songs and still get it done, you could disable it when not in use.

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