Transpose bug in 3613?

I think there’s a bug in the latest 3613 build?
The saved transpose setting doesn’t keep the value when opening the song?
When changing the value it goes to the right transpose. But reloading the song resets it.
I reverted to 3609 and it’s fixed there.

Hey Sven, is it the global transpose that’s troubled or the route transpose? Or both?


I think the global, didn’t check the routing, but have to leave to a concert now :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, I’ll check it out … Have a good time!

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I’ve had a look at this but can’t reproduce any issues - and I don’t think anything in this area has changed. Can you send me a copy of the song file and instructions on how to reproduce the problem.

Works fine here. 3613

Similar issues here - funny, it works differently in two similar songs:

  • Song 1: What’d I Say. It’s transposed up by 2 semitones, but when starting to play, it ignores the transpose. Reverting doesn’t help, neither does cycling the audio engine or hitting PANIC. When I change the transpose settings, they catch on, and everything works, but on loading, it stays stubbornly on 0.0, even though it displays +0.2.
  • Song 2: Sledgehammer. Transposed up by 1 semitone, works perfectly when loading

In both songs, transposition is set through global transpose, Transpose state behavior is active in both songs. The problem occurs independent of whether the song is loaded stand-alone or in a pre-loaded setlist. In a pre-loaded setlist, it doesn’t matter if I fix the behavior by transposing down and up again (song works), save the song and come back to it later - it misbehaves again. I’m pretty flummoxed…

I’ve attached both song files in a zip file - @brad, maybe you can make sense of this?
Mind The (11.5 KB)

Guess I’ll have to revert to 3609 as well - it was a bit embarrassing at rehearsal this evening. Don’t want this to happen during a gig…



HI @Torsten

Thanks for the info.

I’m looking into this but haven’t been able to reproduce it yet. Would you be able to send me your _MainKeyboard, Velvet and HammondRack rack files so I can trace the full MIDI route from input to synth.

Found the problem, fixed in next build 3614 which is up now.



Seems to be fixed for me :slight_smile: Thx Brad !


For me as well - thanx!!

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Hi Brad, do you have some more info on the 3615 release?

Another bug at least for me: when doing global transpose by +0.1 (in quick controller) it goes up a full tone instead of semitone. Raising the same amount inside routes works fine.

Hey Matej,

this might not necessarily be a bug - check your routing. Take the following example:

  • Route 1 from main keyboard to piano rack
  • Route 2 inside the piano rack from rack input to piano vst.

Using global transpose by a semitone, BOTH routes will be transposed by one ST - overall, this means that your piano will be transposed by one full tone.

To avoid this, you can use the route setting “ignore global transpose” on all the “plumbing” inside your racks - this means that those routes will not be affected by global transpose. Make sure that only one route between your keyboard input and the VST is affected by global transpose, then everything should be fine.



Ah I see, that’s it. Thanks.

Yep, the release notes page: Cantabile 3500 Series Release Notes - Cantabile - Software for Performing Musicians

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