Track Player Visibility

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Is there any way to increase the visibility of which track is cued in the Track Player? I’m using MIDI to step to the NEXT TRACK. I would like some LARGE way to see what is selected during performance.

Hi Bassman94…welcome to the forum.

Our resident guru, Terry Britton, sponsored several webinars that go deep into Cantabile. The one below deals with the media player. It seems to me, he used a trigger, and binding to set a color on media player when activating a player. If you watch this, I think you might find what you are looking for, and maybe learn something that might help you, plus you get to see my pretty face as a participant. :grin:
Terry is really good at this kind of thing. Hope this helps!




Hi BassMan94,

There is no variable for that currently but I will add a shout out to @brad to ask about maybe adding it. We have $(FirstMediaFile) and $(SelectedMediaFile) for instance but it seems like a string variable like $(NextMediaFile) and it’s other variants is what would be needed to make a large note or Control Bar button as an indicator.

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Thanks all. Terry warped my head - wow!

I am using SOLO with the ROUTING DIAGRAM open during the performance. If I click on MEDIA PLAYER I can see the NEXT file at the bottom of the screen, and it changes when I command NEXT FILE.Cantaible 01 This is what I would like to increase.

I think all you need for this is the $(SelectedMediaFileName) variabel. You can use this in either a controller bar button, or in show notes.

Unfortunately, it looks like there’s some issues with some of these variables updating. I’ll look into this asap (and I’ll look into adding next/previous names too).


Thanks - looks promising, but I’m a newbe at programming the interface and I think I need a few steps before this to know where to do this. I’m using SOLO (no Controller Bar) - can I do this with this version?

Hi @BassMan94

Those variables are available in Solo, it’s just there’s far less places you can use them. The controller bar or show notes would be the main places you can get this info on screen in a prominent manner and those are only available in Performer.


OK, thanks. I do not need the Performer feature level (or cost) - Solo works fine for me (I need MIDI Bindings and the Media Player, of course). I’ll make this work.