Track midi channel assignments

Hello gang, I have a question.
I typically have 5 tracks in a midi song (that I created in Notion notation software, Each track is usually assigned to a different midi channel.And I add them to Cantabile as a song. Sometimes it would be helpful to view and change the channel assignments after adding the song to a playlist in Cantabile.
I have been searching in Cantabile for a way to do this. I see I can open and edit playlist songs but only the track target port. Is there a way to change the channel assignment?

I suppose you can use channel maps to redirect to another channel(s).

Hi @terrylaff

Yep, probably the easiest way to do this is with a channel map midi filter:

  1. Double click Media Player
  2. Double click the MIDI file
  3. Double click the MIDI track
  4. Click the MIDI Filters button
  5. Add a channel map filter…