Touchscreen monitors


Can anyone recommend a good touchscreen monitor for use live with Cantabile? I’ve been considering the Lilliput FA1014-NP/C/T, but it’s only 1280x800 native, and I’d quite like something higher. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Show me your Cantabile Rig!

I’ve been a bit reluctant to connect a touchscreen monitor (Acer 24in, good but glossy and heavy) to my music laptop. The reason being that windows (win7 x64) will install some addition tablet services. tabtip, tabtip32, inputpersonalisation and maybe some others (and these will run per user). I’ve seen tabtip run out of control on one pc.


I’ve been using the Lilliput 10.5" for some time now. It has a cranky driver, but once you get it working, it’s consistent. It’s also got a kludgy video/USB cable you have to use if you want touchscreen functionality.

I’m not aware of any Win 10 Tablet services that I may have accidentally turned on. I’ll check later today when I try out the new grid functionality. Live I use the Lilliput in C3 Live mode with Show notes. The 10.5" is just big enough to see a 1 page leadsheet as a Show Note graphic (have to convert PDF to JPG or PRD). In practice mode at home I use the Lilliput on the left sitting on top of my Novation KB and a full-size monitor and computer keyboard/mouse setup on the right. Live I use only the Lilliput. Using Bindings on the Novation or Touchscreen buttons and Tickler Bar seems to be plenty. I have a little mini PC keyboard/mouse pad as an option. I usually have a full-sized monitor on hand (in the car or backstage) just in case. I don’t have a proper case for the monitor, so I prefer to leave it in the car unless needed. If it is needed, it’s only been at boot up time.


I’ve just got myself a 13.3" Gechic On Lap 1303I.
I didn’t buy the proprietary cables. I run 2 standard 3m (9ft) cables from the PC - HDMI to micro HDMI, and USB to micro usb for power and it seems to work fine. It is plugged into a USB 3 port which provides enough power just with the single USB cable.

It is 1920 x 1080 resolution.
The touch screen was plug and play with Windows 10.
It does NOT fit in the K&M tablet PC holder. It is too big.
It is quite expensive.
They do a smaller 10" version and a larger 15.6" version.

I do like it and it does what I wanted it to do.

I also have an ASUS MB168B monitor plugged in for anything else I want to see, such as Ableton Live. This is not touchscreen though. Windows needs to be booted for this screen to work - so if there is a startup problem, then you won’t see it.


My apologies for bringing this thread up from the dead, especially since it’s 3 years old, but I thought it would be unethical to restart with a new thread.

I hear great things about the GeChic touchscreen monitors, but I also see competition from other brands such as Dell, Iiyama, HannSpree, etc. I’d like a monitor that I can place flat on a table, or with a foldable cover that acts as a stand. Since I’d like to control Diva with it, I’m assuming that a 1920 x 1080 resolution, 15 inch screen with 5ms response time should do the job, but admittedly I am so naive about touchscreens that I’d thought I’d ask for your thoughts before purchasing one.

Thanks in advance for your kind attention. Looking forward to reading your opinions.


You can also consider next software
that allow you to use your tablet connected to you pc like second monitor (of course you can use touch screen in your tablet.


What advantage does that give over Microsoft’s Remote Desktop functionality built into Windows? You can get an RDP App for tablets to connect to your PC. I’ve tried it with my GIGPC and Cantabile as a backup to my GeChic Touch Montior.


I believe with RDP, you can only mirror your Windows Dekstop, whereas with Spacedesk, you can also extend your Windows display on the tablet.

On my side, I’m more in favor of a unique machine, hence my touch enabled laptop but it is in the “visual way”, which is not good for the show, and I don’t use the touch feature that much.
I’m not in favor of yet another equipment to plug and I don’t trust 2.4/5Ghz that much.

On top of that, I envision a Cantabile Assistant (Embedded VST view). Maybe the solution for me would be to use a 10" Android tablet that extends the Windows display, over USB. I may try for this purpose.

Or simply a laptop with a hinge that goes all the way to tablet mode…

So much choices, so much adaptability with Cantabile !


Thanks for the clarification. Built in RDP is fine for me, as it is only a backup if my GeChic touch screen fails, and I have no need to extend my desktop to a tablet.

This works for my as my GIG PC is a small NUC PC that sits in my gig rack, so the GeChic provides the user interface, which I have fixed on my Keyboard stand to keep an eye on things and to start songs manually if needed.

As you say there are so many choices and no single solution. We are blessed that we can set things up as we individually need. :slight_smile:


My only gripe with RDP is that it shuts off the original display when you remote-control your device, and you have to log in again when you end the RDP session, so you can only use one screen at a time.

In my studio / rehearsal room, I use Teamviewer to contol my live cube and live laptop from my production machine - dead easy, and it leaves the original screen on, so I can see what’s what on my little 7’’ screen mounted on my keyboard. For editing, it’s a quick hop over to the production PC, do my edits and go back to the keyboard. Teamviewer has a surprisingly low resource footprint - as opposed to some other remote solutions that increase Cantabile load significantly.

Live, I use a 10’’ non-touch screen - I operate my setup via my keyboard controls - and a wireless keyboard/trackpad for startup, shutdown and any necessary interventions.

Works well for me so far.




That’s a fair point on RDP, as it does indeed do that. But I find it works for me in my circumstances. Like I said above, we have a lot of choices to find something that works for our personal needs. :slight_smile: