TouchOSC MMC Commands doesn’t work

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I contact the developer of TouchOSC.
Cantabile doesn’t recognise the MMC commands Stop and Start from TouchOSC. The developer tested and answered, that the problem seems to on cantabiles site.
Can anyone test with a TouchOSC and MMC Stop and MMC Start Commands to create bindings for transport stop and transport start? I’ve tested with rtp midi and TouchOSC MIDI Bridge.


Hi @Wurlitzer

Thanks for reporting. I replied to your email on the same topic. If you can send me a log file with Log MIDI In Events enabled I’ll check it out.


I’ve send you the logfiles

It would be very helpful if someone else could test it.
@brad I have sent more log files.
Hexler support has checked my layouts.
Unfortunately it still doesn’t work again.
I don’t know since which version of Cantabile the MMC commands don’t work anymore.

Hi @Wurlitzer,

Do you see my email about this. The log shows Cantabile only appears to be receiving MIDI Time Clock Start and Stop events (0xFA and 0xFC) - not MMC events which are sent as sys-ex messages.