Totally Clueless

So, I couldn’t even find any “optional tags” for beginner, setup, basics. I mean, I couldn’t get past the part in the video of basic setup where it says the easiest way to test your sound is the metronome. Wow, I not only can’t hear the metronome no matter what I choose, I can’t even get the signal to show up in Cantabile itself. It shows the metronome running, but not even the dedicated metronome meter is showing any signal.
If I said “I can’t get to first base”, it wouldn’t be accurate. If I said “I can’t get up to the plate” it still wouldn’t be accurate. If I said “I can’t get out of the bullpen” it would imply that I had gotten into the stadium. So when I say clueless, I mean totally lost.
Ok, so I just read the thread “new user problems - extremely basic” and still didn’t get a clue. I guess this thing has to be set specific to each computer. I am using Voicemeeter Potato. Maybe that will help someone to know how to help me.


Welcome to forum Mike. Since I don’t use Voicemeeter, I suggest you do a search for “voicemeeter” in the forum. You will find many answers to your problem. @terrybritton is the voicemeeter guru here, and he may chime in soon to help you.

That is great that you are using Voicemeeter Potato, but that does add a layer of complexity you likely do not need to be bothered with while getting the metronome to work at least!!! :wink:

Ultimately, Cantabile should be used directly connected to your ASIO hardware device. If you do not have a hardware ASIO audio interface, you CAN use Voicemeeter’s “Virtual ASIO” mode to open up the capabilities of Cantabile, as many features do not work if Cantabile is set up with only Windows audio. (Basically, you would use one of the VAIO sliders to receive from Cantabile and the A2 or A3 buttons to send to it. But, I wouldn’t learn Cantabile this way - it is learning to run before you can walk.)

If you don’t have a hardware ASIO audio interface, I recommend you buy one ASAP. The Focusrite 2i2 is what many people start with (including myself), and it is about $150.