Torstenized MIDI target lists

Torstenization (extensive abstraction of functionality through racks) can lead to a multitude of potential MIDI input targets. Unfortunately this can make the target lists quite long. I suggest that for plugins/racks with many MIDI inputs that the drop down list shows the plugin/rack as a parent to a sub-menu of inputs for that plugin/rack rather than have them all on the parent list.

This is consistent with the Twisty doctrine as it doesn’t ADD more complexity to the GUI, but rather makes existing complexity easier to access. :slight_smile:


Hi @BigTwisty

This makes sense - the main issue at the moment is I don’t have an easy way to build nested options in those popup windows. I’m not against it, but it’s not simple to add at this stage.

Logged it


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I remember this was discussed in C2 days. Housekeeping is crucial on bigger projects and the whole ‘nested’ concept seemed to be the answer to the, almost inevitable, mammoth list -including the ability to mute a lot of data in one hit.

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