Topiary Riffz: New free melodic MIDI generator plugin

Hi all,

I have been developing MIDI generator plugins for live use with Cantabile that will provide modular arranger-like functionality ( here is why ). I did a drum loop one in 2018 (Topiary Beatz, once for mix presets in 2019 (Topiary Presetz).

Today I’m happy to announce availability of a third one, that generates/transposes MIDI for melodic phrases. It’s inspired by Korg’s RPPR, it can be used as a MIDI looper that transposes based on a key on your keyboard, but it can do plenty more. Here is a short post that explains how it works: Topiary Riffz.

Topiary Riffz is free and open source. It’s version 0.8 so there may still be bugs & some roughness around edges and I will be adding some more features the next couple of weeks, time permitting.

Help yourself, reactions welcome.