Toggle Mute Binding - help!

Hello brains trust…
So I’ve looked at all the binding options and I can’t figure out how to do the following:
I have a media file playing a drum’n’bass loop in C3 Performer and I just want to be able to toggle mute it at certain points using an external midi trigger. I’m already able to toggle stops & starts, but in this case I don’t want the loop to stop playing, I just want to toggle mute it during certain parts of my performance.

I see there is a Gain binding but I can’t work out how to make it toggle on and off with a single button press from an external midi controller like I can with play and stop operations.

Can anyone offer some guidance please?

Hey Pete,

If your controller is sending a toggle message than I think the following is a way to try. All examples use CC#0.

First go to the output route of the media player in question, right click on the enable check mark and select Create Binding.

SnapShot 4298

Say Yes to naming the Route

SnapShot 4299

Fill in the New Name

SnapShot 4300

Click Ok when done

SnapShot 4301

When you reach the Learn dialog box press Cancel, the naming is already done.

SnapShot 4302

Go to the bindings tab and create a source from your controller

SnapShot 4304

Set the Target to the route you named

finish the target setting by choosing the Enable switch


If the controller is sending a momentary message then you would use this binding type to do the same thing.


You could also choose the route’s Gain as the target instead of the enable like this using the on/off value boxes to set the level & mute level.




Thank you Dave for that in depth instruction. I use an Arturia Keylab which has 8 pads that I have assigned to act as toggles.
I will try what you’ve suggested tomorrow after work and let you know how it went :+1:

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