Toggle Binding from MIDI CC value of 0 to less than 127 [SOLVED]

Is it possible to create a MIDI control change binding that toggles from a value of 0 (off) to a value less than 127 (say 80) using a momentary switch pedal? So the toggle would alternate between values of 0 and 80.

Yes, you can use the midi filter Controller Latch, does exactly what you want.


That worked perfectly! The only thing I needed to do was uncheck the “Edge Triggered” checkbox to make it toggle.

My use case is to alternately disable or set volume for the harmony voices on the new Waves Harmony plugin, which is fabulous for creating live vocal harmonies in real-time using MIDI input. I vary the harmony volume by song, so the MIDI filter approach works great for sending the CC info to my mixer/processor linked rack. Thank you, TorstenH!!

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Perfect, glad it worked out. Nearly anything is possible in Cantabile (depending on whether you are on Lite/Solo/Performer), I keep being amazed how I can tailor anything to my needs.

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