Today only at Plugin Alliance $20 off no min purchase

Code is BOOM-20-OFF (might be BOOM-20-OFF since that is what copy/pasted but the ** cannot be seen in the ad).

All of their amp sims (Nembrini built) are priced at $19.99 and the coupon allows you to get them for free. A lot of other great deals there as well. I just bought their GK800 bass sim for $0.

Plugin Alliance site


I’ve been having fun playing the GK800. I used the voucher for the Ampeg B-15N. Used to play one in a rehearsal room. Thanks for the heads up.

I’m practicing for a gig later in the month. I’ve been using the Ampeg B-15N and really like it. I think these PA Nembrini created bass amps are the most playable VST bass amp emulations.

I agree. I bought their SVT-VR, SVT-3Pro and B15N and like them all. The GK 800RB is amazing as well. Stupid cheap prices (including free at times) if you get on their list and wait for the right deal.

PA’s Suhr SE100 Plex is another Nembrini gem worth checking out. I also have Nembrini’s Mrh159 Plex and even though the Suhr is older (all the PA Nembrini VSTs are ports of code written for UA hardware platform), its every bit as good.

I almost chose the Surh SE100 Plex instead of another bass amp but decided since I almost always use these PA bass amps for recording to collect them all.

I have them all but the V-4B (didn’t care for it) and the Bassdude (I have Nembrini’s Faceman). Zero problems finding several bass setups that work well for any given song. Hardly ever need to go to my Celestion Bergantino or Ownhammer Ampeg IRs anymore unless I just know I want those sounds. LOL, I paid less for each PA amp sim than I did for each IR collection…