Tiny feature request for disabled routes

This is the smallest of feature requests! If I have a lot of MIDI routes set up, which are being enabled/disabled in various ways as I step through song states, it can get a bit cluttered and hard to see which routes are active. The red “disabled” tick is good, but if you have lots of routes, you need to look quite carefully. It would be really nice if the text of disabled routes could be made grey/fainter, so the active ones stand out more, or some other such solution.

In order to make the routes clearer in such cases I sometimes create an empty rack, name it ‘-’ and set that as the target for disabled routes, so the enabled routes stand out more (see images). The short “- MIDI In” names make the other active routes stand out. But it would be nice if Cantabile could provide this level of clarity out of the box without needing this workaround.


Another option would be to have an empty route target in the drop-down, just to clear the entry in that column. Essentially being able to get the route back to the state it’s in when you first create it, before setting a destination.

Coming soon…


Excellent!!! :smiley:

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