Tiny Bug - After payment I get redirected to 404 page

PayPal routes back (after successful payment) to https://www.cantabilesoftware.com/purchase/completePerf
which obviously isn’t available, so it routes to 404.

When testing my post, I realized, that this direct link IS working, but not via https!
The one I got redirected to (in https) still produces 404 after refresh.

Hi Jeff,

Hrm interesting - seems to work fine for me. Might be something about the way PayPal/Stripe is redirecting. I’ll check it out when I get a moment. Logged here.


it looks to me like a ssl-issue.
Or mixed content (http and https)?
Because chrome doesn’t show the green lock, which should indicate a certified ssl connection.
All the other pages show that lock.

Oh, I think I maybe found a part of the issue:
“Thanks.png” is loaded via http, so the page is mixed content.
Still doesn’t explain redirection to 404 though…


Hey Jeff.

Awesome detective work thanks. Something weird going on in the cms/redirect rules for https is breaking it. I’ll check it out.