Tiny audible glitches on pressing tap tempo

Just clicking the icon or binding to tap tempo will cause little audible glitches per tap.
I wonder what it could be.
Any ideas appreciated.

Hi Neil,

Does this happen if you don’t have any plugins loaded? Some plugins don’t respond well to tempo changes. Often you can work around this by disabling any host sync setting in the plugin if you don’t need it.

Best bet will be a process of elimination - remove plugins one at a time until the problem goes away (or look for spikes in the output level meters of plugins for clues).


You’re spot on again, Brad.
It was a reverb plugin. What’s odd is that it has no tempo-based features (so no disable sync settings). Even stranger is that it would still glitch even if it had no output port set or was bypassed. Only turning it off stopped it.

HI Neil,

Glad you found it - weird that a non-synced plugin would be affected by this. I’d recommend contacting the plugin’s developer about it so they can look into it.


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