Timer Function for States

I just started experimenting with states and they are a very cool function but I wanted to see if there was a better way to accomplish what I’m trying. Stay I have 4 active VSTs and during the verse want to use 2 of them and for the chorus use the other 2. RIght now I have two states which just change the volume level of the plug ins. Works great but trying to switch this live has created some issues. Whlie I am holding the last chord of the verse, I use a midi controller to switch to the chorus state which sounds odd since the volume levels change while I am holding the chord. Is there a way to do this without volume levels instantly changing? Some ideas I had:

-Create an optional timer so that when switching states, instead of instantly switching a timer is actived. So you hit a button, it activates a timer, 500ms later the selected state becomes active.

-Create a two step trigger for switching state. Press a button, it queues up the new state that becomes active when a specified trigger is hit such as a sustation pedal up. This would allow you to be holding that last chord of the verse, press a button to queue up the chorus state, get your fingers back on the keys, then lift the sustain pedal and like magic the chorus state becomes active.

-Create a volume fade function so that switching states activates a volume fade that adjust he volume levels between the two states within a specified period of time. Hold that last chord, click a button to switch states, then 1000ms later, the volume levels adjust to the new state.

Is there another way to do something like this?

-Andrew V. Romero

easiest solution is not to use levels, but change the route target based on song state. Route your keyboard to instruments 1 & 2 for the verse, to 3&4 for the chorus.

Cantabile is smart enough to track note on and note off commands, so when you hold a note in the verse, switch to chorus, then release the note, this will not create hanging notes.




That’s the way it also works for me.

I have been experimenting with routing in states, but still can’t get Cantabile to hang onto notes while changing states. So I have verse which is routing my keyboard to strings and brass.

Then I have the Bridge route to Vocals and Woodwings.

Okay…I figured out why it wasn’t holding on the notes…in addition to changing the routing, I was enabling and disabling the plugins. I traditionally had been enabling and disabling to create less overhead on my computer, but not sure that is needed when using this state routing method.

So my other “state” challenge. I would like to just create a binding so that when I press a controller button 1 on my keyboard, it loads state 1, when I press controller state 2 on my keyboard, it loads state 2 and so on. So far I only found a way to press button 1 and it goes to the next state and if I press button 2 it goes to the previous state. Is there a way to just assign a button to each state instead of having it increment or decrement the state?

-Andrew V. Romero