Timeline markers

Just a suggestion to enhance live performance midi timeline operations . Setting up “play ranges” ahead of time works excellent and is very useful. But there are situations where being able to mark spots on the timeline (either in the musical time or realtime format) would be great. Then a simple click on that spot with the cursor bar would jump continuous play to say a different verse or spot in the song. Keeping track of where those spots are using the numbers is difficult because the spots of interest rarely are where there is a number you can associate it with. And seeing where they are by looking at the midi dots isn’t easy either.
Hope that’s something that could be added sometime in the future.

Thanks @terrylaff

A major reworking of the media players part of Cantabile is getting close to the top of my priority list (number 2 atm I think). Expect lots of changes and improvements in this area - although no promises or time frames at this point.



Time based triggers/bindings would make me a very happy camper and a lifetime subscriber :slight_smile:

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A couple of us have been snapping at Brad’s heels for this! When I can get the timeline to switch States for me I will be a very happy man - even more so if it’s in time for this autumn’s gigs!

No promises or time frames noted and accepted though, Brad. :wink:

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Included in the time line support I would love some form of track automation support (drawable envelopes …etc) for various continuous MIDI CC# events included in the upgrade of the media players for things like pedal swells, fade in and out events, I could get rid of some of my convoluted racks I use now if that was the case :wink:


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