"This specified semaphore already exists"

When switching from one song to another, an additional window (32/64) appears in the taskbar called “test” with the message: “The specified seamphore already exists”, followed by different combinations of numbers. I suspect that it has to do with “JBridge”. But even after a reinstallation of “JBridge” the message still appears. Does anybody know, what I should do? Reinstall Cantabile? Should I contact the support of “JBridge”? In three weeks I want to get Cantabile on stage and this message makes me uneasy.
Thank you very much for an answer. Walle.

Hi @Walle,

I can confirm that it is related to jbridge. It also happens to me, with a 32-bit Melda plugin I use in a particular song. However, apart from slowing down the loading of the new song (which is annoying), it seems to have no other effect.

Other 32-bits plugins (for which I use jbridge) do not show this problem.



Hi Gabriel, thanks a lot for your answer. Will check my 32bit vst plugins. Regards, Walle