Themes suggestion

It would be great if you could define a theme by referencing another, so you only need to specify your own customisations, which override those in the referenced theme.

That way we wouldn’t need to keep recreating our themes each time the Cantabile factory themes are updated / extended - our custom themes would just work, and probably never go out of date :slight_smile:


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Good idea :slight_smile:Yes for me the theme is also an important issue :slight_smile: :wink:

Yes… I’ve got this on the list for GuiKit2 (I might have even implemented it already - can’t remember).

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@brad: I found a little bug with changed rack colors: The colors for indicating the keyboard range are not changed accordingly to the “new” theme colors…

Greetings, Tom

The fore colors are a different set of settings to the background colors. Try adding entries like this to your theme.json file:


These colors are used for the key range indicators and for the foreground colors in show notes.

(I should probably update the default themes to include these settings).



…and when you do that, you can think about changing your parser the following idea:

  • loop over all entries “BasicForeColor”

and something like this:

  • “BasicForeColor”:“Red”,"#FFBFBF",

so that we also can change the amount of colors and add individual names to it.

but that’s not high priority :wink:

Greetings, Tom

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