The problem with periodically disabling plugins

During live broadcast, all plug-ins are periodically turned off, it feels like a raw sound sounds without effects. I use a Behringer UMC204HD and a sennheizer ew100 radio microphone, but I don’t know if it matters? driver setup 256 samples, the same parameter in Cantabile. in cantabile I use Fabfilter pro q2 (zero latency), fabfilter pro-c 2 (oversampling off), Grallion, Valhallaroom x64, trueverb stereo

You’re saying your effects plugins just turn off by themselves? As in, bypass?

Yes, exactly.

Huh. That’s a head scratcher, gotta think. There’s nothing somehow routed to bypass via a binding?

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Maybe that’s because oа my soundcard? i mean the Asio driver. i use behringer umc204

My friend use contabile but he dont have such problem, and he using audient id4 sound card

No, this is the first I’ve heard of something like that. I’ve used a Behringer with no issues. It’s going to be a pain in the rear but if it were me I’d remove plugins one by one from your system and see if you can isloate one that’s causing a conflict that way. Because it’s a plug in behavior issue (as opposed to say, your entire audio cutting off) my first instinct is not to start with torubleshooting system issues. The other thing might be to get it to happen and shoot Brad a log of the session and see if he can see something happening in Cantabile.

i will check it by myself, ill change the plugins, maybe there is a probloem with the plugins

I think that’s where to start…

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Could it be that some of your plugins are in trial mode and not registered? Some plugins disable themselves periodically when they’re not registered…

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