The plugin is not built for this platform error

Hi I tried to use nexus but I’ve failed.

I’m able to use nexus with reaper, no problem at all.

Am I the only one with this problem?

Hi Sebastian,

It could be a vst3 plugin that’s trying to load or you might be trying to load a X32 plugin with an X64 Cantabile install. Those are things I’d check first.


I always run x64 cantabile, but I’ve never had a problem with x32 plugins (I use korg m1 and xpand2) I thought that cantabile had some kind of jbridge to use x32 plugins, was I wrong?

Thank you Dave!

Yes, you were wrong, sorry, you need to buy and install jBridge here, it’s inexpensive and worth it if you use X32 plugs!


I would have sworn that cantabile runs x32 plugins! I didn’t know that m1 is x64, thank you!

EDIT: Yes, it was that, I’ve just installed jbridge and it works, thank you Dave!

Korg M1 and Xpand2 are available in x64 versions - no need to bridge those two.

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Yes, apparently I was confused af, nexus would be the only plugin that I’m using at the moment that is x32, I thought that xpand and m1 were x32, hence I never would have thought that the problem with nexus could be that, but it was easy, install jbridge and so far it’s running smoothly, thank you!

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