The funny Nord Electro delay tempo implementation

Hey there…

I’m trying to steer the Nord Electro 5’s Delay Tempo by an external device which seems not to be that straight…

The reason for this is the Nord’s funny delay tempo implementation. The display shows on the Nord shows interesting values when turning the delay tempo knob. When slowly turning the knob from left to right it looks like this

80…159 bpm
80x2…159x2 bpm
80x4…140x4 bpm
…but then…
90ms…20ms (seems to go backwards in the end)

Now: If I align the minimum Tempo on the binding in Cantabile to fit the minimum tempo on the Nord electro 5 (which seems to be 80 and seem to represent the midi value 0) the Tempo is in sync. But when increasing the tempo in cantabile it does not match (it gets worser the higher the tempo is).

I assume that this is because the full range from 0-127 is spread among the Nords Range (which looks like above).

So i wonder how I reach a tempo steering that is in sync between 80 and “140x4 bpm”

Does someone have an Idea if possible and how to reach this?



Hi Beat,

Have you tried adjusting the value mapping for your binding. See below

You should be able to get closer customizing with this control.


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Hi Dave

thx for this hint. Yes, this works… Had to play around and try…:tada:

With the following settings the delay on the Nord Electro 5 is in sync with cantabiles Metronome:

Source range: 80 - 250
Target Range: 0 - 80
Curve Kind: None

Happy to have now all delay’s in sync…Thank you!

That’s great Beat, glad it worked out.